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Clip-on Jewelry

  • Designs that are beautiful, inclusive, and stylish.

  • In every design, the wearer is considered, and ultimately inclusivity for every type of body and every type of person.

  • Each piece of jewelry is designed so that you can remove it and wear it with one hand.

  • Providing mobility assistance to any individual with mobility challenges so they can easily put on their accessories.

  • Many people's lives can be improved with Clipondra designs.

Cristi Silver LOVE Sleeve Support and Pink Rose Bud Lever Back Clipps Clipondra.tif

Limb Difference

The Clipondra is designed to be helpful for people who have a limb difference. From talking to friends, I know how frustrating it can be trying to keep a sleeve or pant leg rolled up, or stopping fabric from getting in the way. Often, those with a limb difference have to resort to safety pins or inventive knots to ensure their outfit stays practical.

The Clipondra is here to empower you to throw away those safety pins! Not only are the designs super stylish, the unique clip-on concept means that they help secure that extra sleeve or that pant leg fabric securely in place and out of the way.


Cerebral palsy, limited motor skills, and sufferers of stroke.

We know that the clasps on traditional jewelry can be fiddly and sometimes seemingly impossible at the best of times. If you have limited motor skills, it can be almost impossible to put on or take off jewelry on your own. Our designs are all clip-on and simple to use, meaning that the wearer will find it far easier to put on themselves – and the designs are all created to stay in place.

Clipondra Twin Circle Chain Chameleon _edited.jpg

Intellectual challenges such as Down Syndrome or Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain injury.

Emergency contact jewelry

Our jewelry can be used and designed as ID or an emergency contact pendant for the wearer. This is a less revealing way of having private information on your person. Rather than being hung around the neck, the user also has the option to place on to a belt loop or a bra strap discretely.

Medical ID

Medical ID jewelry is an excellent choice for those with a wide range of medical conditions, including food allergies, epilepsy, and heart conditions - ensuring essential and potentially life-saving information is always carried.