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Karen Wondra Grisham is the founder and creator of The Wondrafal Company. 

As an inventor and designer, I create adaptable fashion accessories that are ideal for everyone, including those with disabilities.  

I hope my Clipondra's clip-on adaptable functions will benefit a wide community of people.

My Clipondra designs should be worn by everyone.  I am an inclusion advocate.   I hope to empower anyone with limited mobility.

There are more than sixty nine million people in this world with disabilities.   My C

The Clipondra adaptable accessory empowers the wearer - because even if you have additional requirements, you can put this on yourself with one hand – there is no need to ask for help putting on fashion accessories.

First and foremost, my objective is to place a Clipondra vending machine in every hospital gift store around the world as a symbol of empowerment and hope in the darkest of times. 

I hope to expand my accessory line to cater to both women, men, and children.