How to wear Clipondra accessible fashion jewelry.

Clipondra's Accessories are Adaptable, Accessible, Fashionable and Practical.

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Wondrafal Company

It is our design and creation that makes Clipondra possible 
adaptable accessible fashion accessories.

Attachable.  Removable. Flexible. ADAPTABLE.

Clipondra, the new inclusive and mindful fashion accessory.

Designed to be Pretty, Practical, and with Purpose - with Clipondra, you'll have endless possibilities for wearing beautiful accessories...

Creative adaptable fashion to allow everyone to look and feel Wondrafal.

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Clipondra Alligator Clip Styles

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Clipondra Hook and Knob Clip Designs

Hook and Knob Clips with Three Silver Chains Clipondra 6.jpg

Clipondra Classic Silver Trio Chains with Hook & Knob Clips

Clipondra Hook & Knob Clip hooks through large knit fabrics. 

The weight of the Clipondra fashion accessory is placed onto the clothes.  It is helpful for people who suffer with fibromyalgia.

The Clipondra looks like a necklace, but it's not a necklace.

Clipondra Hook & Knob Clip

Clipondra jewelry can be attached to the hips too. 

The Clipondra clips beautifully onto pant belt loops embellishing the hips.

Silver Five Hook and Knob Belt Loop Clipondra_edited_edited.jpg
Hook and Knob Clip Multiple Silver Chains Clipondra long 3_edited.jpg

Clipondra Hook & Knob Clip

The simplest Clipondra clip is the Clipondra Hook & Knob Clip. 

This Clipondra hooks onto straps and tank tops easily. 

Hook on and un-hook off.  Helpful for one hand mobility and limited thrashing mobility.

Hook and Knob Clip Multiple Silver Chains Clipondra long 5_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Robin Silver Hook and Knobe Clip_edited_edited.jpg

Clipondra Lever Back Clip Designs


Clipondra adaptable jewelry embellishes your front and back with original style.

Embellish backless fashions with Clipondra jewelry. 

The Clipondra accessory is versatile and adaptable.

Clipondra accessible accessories are created for every body type.

Clipondra Lever Back Clips are easy and  accessible. 

Beautiful inclusion adaptable fashion accessories.

Jane Hash Silver Crystal Tear Drops Lever Back Clips_edited_edited.jpg
Robin Shoulder Silver Drapping Chains Red Top_edited_edited.jpg

The Clipondra adaptable style is the fashion statement.  

Clipondra silver chain twin drape set for the shoulders. 

Clipondra shoulder jewelry.


Clipondra Limb Difference Garment Support Accessories

Infinity Silver Sleeve support clip_edited_edited.jpg
Pant Leg Silver Chain and Utility Clips.jpg
Two Gold  Rhinestone Alligator Clip Sleeve Support_edited.jpg

Clipondra Sleeve Garment Support Clips

Clipondra Pant Leg Garment Support Clips

Clipondra Sleeve Garment Support Clips